Hello. I am Emboar...

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Fear Me!

Emboar is a Pokemon League Warrior, he evolved from Tepig.
Name Emboar
Birth 11/2/1999
Occupation Pokemon Warrior
Moves Focus Blast, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Fire Pledge
Death None
Current Age 16 Years Old
Sex Male


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Family and FriendsEdit

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Pikachu - Rivals/Best Friends

Swalot - Friend

Zweilous - Friend

Pignite - Brother

Shiny Pignite - Sister

Cyndaquil - Younger Brother

Typhlosion - Mother of Tepig, 2 Pignites & Cyndaquil

Shiny Emboar - Father of Tepig, 2 Pignites & Cyndaquil

Gulpin - Childhood Friend