Pikachu's House Edit

Come and visit the home of the great hero Pikachu!

Tepig's HouseEdit

Towns MarketEdit

Buy any fruit or vegetable you want all for free!

Foongus's Sweet Flowershop(Liam can add more flowers)Edit

Foongus: Hi nice to meet you!

  1. Pipe Flowers

    Foongus's pal Petilil often comes over to see the flowers. He is very cheerful when it comes to visitors.

  2. Scented Rose Flowers
  3. Dandle Flowers
  4. Gradasious Flowers
  5. Nut Tree Flowers
  6. Gracidea Flowers
  7. Lovely Daisies
  8. Blue Rose Flowers

Larvitar's CavernEdit

250px-Chris Larvitar-1-

She is wise & teaches Pokemon to train & she lets you obtain an Egg & is sorta like a Day-Care Breeder

Larvitar: You may not know this but I trained Pikachu ever since he was a Pichu. Stop by whenever you want to train.

Tepig: My friends Gulpin who evolved during the training came here.

Combusken: Right you are, Tepig. I'm also Larvitar's assistant

Tepig: and Deino trained here too but unfortunately he didn't evolve yet but he did win battles though!

Pikachu: Hi master.

Larvitar: Pikachu!


Audino Cafe(Liam Can add more)Edit

Audino: Welcome please enjoy lovely drinks.
800px-Nurse Joy Audino-2-

She works at the cafe

  1. Hot Chocolate
  2. Coffee
  3. Ice Creame Sundae(Get 2 on Sundays)
  4. Ice Tea
  5. Hot Tea
  6. Ice Coffee

Leavanny's Leaf Clothing ShopEdit

Ash's Leavanny-1-

Leavanny is caring and kind, she loves making clothes for little Pokemon

Munna's Relaxing RoomEdit


She helps out Pokemon who get stressed out

Luvdisc's Honeymoon AreaEdit


She's in charge of the honeymoon area if she sees couples who just got married.

Simisage's Guitar LessonsEdit

Ludicolo's Fun FairEdit

Eevee's Evolutionary ShopEdit

Maractus's Music ShopEdit

The Krookodile CreekEdit