Pokemon space by hamzilla22-d5ameyi-1-

Space Region

? This is where you can go to space for important needs


Raichu(Pikachu): Alright me, Lucario and Emboar will share a room.

Minun: And me and Plusle!

Emboar: Sure thing!

Minun: Ready Plusle?

(Minun's video phone rings)

Minun: *answers it* Hello? *everyone sees changed daily on the video phone*

Changed Daily: Hi, I have to tell you for reasons of security, my name is changed daily. Today, you may call me.....*his communicator beeps, reads it & sighs sadly* Ohhhhh....Hanky Panky Danky!

Emboar & Minun: *sniggering & laughing*


RLE Room'sEdit

Raichu(Pikachu): Awesome.

Raichu(Pikachu): Guys were about to go!

Emboar: Okay

MP Room'sEdit


Raichu(Pikachu); Okay guys this is it. Let's start packing.