Here you can buy items and hangout with your friends.


Chocolate bar-1.00)


Berries- (2.00)






Raichu(Pikachu): Good job you two.

Hydreigon: We were awesome!

Quilava: Yeah! *glows*

Lucario: Oh hi. Hey Quilava, you're evolving!

Typhlosion: *evolves* Awesome!

Lucario: Cool evolution Typhlosion!

Typhlosion: *smiles at lucario proudly* Thanks Lucario!

Lucario: No problem.

Minun: *raises his hand* Um...Lucario!

Lucario: Yes, Minun?

Minun: I've heard you have the ability to read people & Pokemon's aura, is that true. If so, what's the differnce between red & blue auras, how do they work?

Lucario: Yes, I read auras, Minun. It's a special ability Lucario's have. Anyways, to answer your question. A red aura is evil, like Darkrai for example. A blue aura is like yours. Innocent and Heroic.

(video phone rings)

Minun: *answers it* Hello?

Changed Daily: Oh.......oh...i forget to mention you everyone, for reasons of security, my name is changed daily. Today, you may call me.....*his communicator beeps, reads it & sighs sadly* Ohhhhh....Slippy Sloppy Smelly Knees!

All Pokemon Warriors: *laughs*

TV Announcer: Urgent call! A Black mist has been surrounding PokeEarth as we know it. Here is what happened to a planet called Darkika.

  • Explosion*

Raichu(Pikachu): That planet is destroyed!

TV Announcer: Scientist said that the substance is highly explosive. That's why we are asking for 5 people to help. Please we need all the help we....

Zekrom: Pardon me.... we want 5 pokemon warriors. Not five people!!!! In this case if the warriors do not come say goodbye to your planet! Have a nice day.

Raichu(Pikachu): Okay I am going. I also need Minun, Plusle, Emboar and Lucario. The rest of you guys stay here and look for anything fishy got it guys?

Raichu: Yeah bro!

Raichu(Pikachu): Good. Now let's get to the PokeSpace building.

Hydreigon: Okay!

Typhlosion: *solutes* You can count on us!