League Edit

The Tournament begins soon! Sign up now! (Tournament happens in the Chat)

Sign UpsEdit

  1. Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu(Pikachu)-Nickinor21
  2. Tepig/Pignite - LIG
  3. Raichu-Nickinor21
  4. Deino/Zweilous - LIG
  5. Taillow/Swellow
  6. Kyurem-Nickinor21
  7. Mewtwo-Nickinor21
  8. Darkrai-Nickinor21
  9. Minun - LIG
  10. Plusle - TrentFan
  11. Gulpin/Swalot - LIG
  12. Riolu - TrentFan
  13. Caterpie - TrentFan
  14. Axew-Nicki
  15. Snivy-Nicki
  16. Oshawott-Nicki



Raichu(Pikachu): *Munches on some crackers*

Raichu: So are you ready to fight?

Raichu(Pikachu): Yep!

Pignite: *arrives using flame charge*

Zweilous: *arrives*

Swalot: *comes in*

Raichu: Hey guys!

Raichu(Pikachu): Hows it going?

Piginite: Good actually!

Zweilous: Nothing much!

Minun: Be careful, me & plusle will cheer for you in our journey, right Plusle?

Plusle: I think this is a Battle Tournament, Minun.

Minun: *sweatdrops* Yeah, i knew that! Tee hee!

Plusle: Well I think, I don't really know.

Zweillous: *sighs* Kids these days!

Minun: Beg your pardon, Zweilous?!?

Raichu: Guys lets get sme popcorn!

Riolu: Sure! Popcorn sounds good!


Leavanny: Man I love Raichu.


Round 1Edit

  1. Raichu(Pikachu) def. Raichu
  2. Mewtwo def. Swellow
  3. Minun def. Swalot
  4. Caterpie def. Snivy
  5. Pignite dw Zweillous
  6. Darkrai def. Kyurem
  7. Riolu def. Plusle
  8. Axew def. Oshawott

Round 2Edit

  1. Raichuu(Pikachu) def. Mewtwo
  2. Minun def. Caterpie
  3. Pignite vs Darkrai
  4. Riolu vs Axew

Round 3Edit

Round 4Edit

Battle ArenaEdit

Raichu(Pikachu) vs RaichuEdit

Raichu: Here man you win! *Goes to the crowd and sits by Leavany*

Announcer: Raichu(Pikachu) won!

Swellow vs MewtooEdit

Swellow: *uses steel wing but mewtwo blocks with Focus Punch, is blown back and bangs into a wall, the smoke clears & swellow has swirls in its eyes*

Ref: Swellow is unable to battle, Mewtwo is the winner!

Minun vs SwalotEdit

Swalot: *uses sludge bomb*

Minun: *dodges the sludge bomb*

Swalot: Nice dodging, Minun! You're fast!

Minun: Thanks! *starts waggling his fingers*

Swalot: Wait what? That's Metronome!

Minun: *metronome kicks in, as it jumps high & stomps the ground*

Swalot: *is hurt by earthquake* Ugh...Urrf! *topples over & collapses with swirls in his eyes*

Ref: Swalot is unable to battle, the victory on this match goes to Minun!

Snivy vs CaterpieEdit

Snivy: *Punches Caterpie*

Caterpie: *Gets hiit then uses tackle*

Snivy: *Ties to run*

Caterpie: *Uses poison jab*

Snivy: *Faints*

Ref: Snivy is unable to battle, Caterpie wins!

Pignite vs ZweilousEdit

Pignite: *uses tackle*

Zweilous: *uses headbutt*

(the two attacks collide)

Pignite: *gets pushed back* You're not bad!

Zweilous: *gets pushed back* Same to you!

Pignite: *uses Focus Blast*

Zweilous: *uses Dragon Pulse*

(again the two attacks collide)

Pignite: *uses flame charge* MAX POWER!!

Zweilous: *uses head smash* MAX POWER!!

(a big explosion contacts with those two attacks. When the smoke clears, Pignite & Zweilous are still standing)

Pignite&Zweilous: *both smile smugly, until finally they both collapse with swirls in their eyes*

Ref: Both Pokemon are unable to battle, therefore this match is a draw!

Plusle vs RioluEdit

Riolu: Good luck. *bows head*

Plusle: Good luck! If I don't win, I'll cheer Minun off from the audience!


Plusle: *uses thunderbolt*

Riolu: *dodges but then trips and slams into a rock* Ow! Hey! *uses force palm*

Plusle: ACK! *Is forced into a wall* Please tone it down! I don't want to get knocked out this early......I'll look weak. And people will make fun of Minun and I.

Riolu: Well, looks like it's the perfect chance to defeat you! *rushes at full speed for another force palm*

Plusle: *barely dodges* I'LL GET YOU RIOLU! *Snaps fingers to use metronome* *Splash*

Riolu: *laughs* Looks like you made it easy. What a regular ending, so cheesy. *Begins to charge up focus blast*

Plusle: Oh no! *attempts to use thunderbolt, but due to fear, shocks a rock*

???: Dodge the Focus Blast, sis!

Plusle: *uses metronome* *aura sphere, which counters focus blast*

Riolu: Aw man, I charged up a powerful one too.

Plusle: It looks like things seem even, Riolu.

Minun: You can do it, sister!

(Plusle starts using thunderbolt, but suddenly....)

Raichu: That's Thunder!

Plusle: *Does Thunder*

Riolu: *falls to the ground*

Ref: Riolu is unable to bat- wait.

Riolu: *stands up* This isn't over.....*uses final energy on focus blast*

Plusle: Wait- I wasn't expecting him to not faint- *is hit by focus blast*

Riolu and Plusle: *both standing injured*

Plusle: *falls to the ground, knocked out*

Riolu: Endurance........thank you for not failing me...........

Ref: Plusle is unable to battle! Riolu wins!

Kyurem vs DarkraiEdit

Kyurem: Get ready to....

Darkrai: *Silently punches Kyurem in the stomach*

Kyurem: ...die. *Faints*

  • Everyone Gasp*

Ref: Kyurem is down! Darkrai wins! Someone call the hospital! *Helps Kyurem*

Raichu(Pikachu): Oh no.

Axew vs OshawottEdit

Axew: *Rams Oshawatt*

Oshawatt: *Faints*

Co-Ref: End of Round 1!

Raichuu(Pikachu) vs MewtwoEdit

Raichu(Pikachu): *Reapeatly punches Mewtwo*

Mewtwo: *Dodges*

Raichu(Pikachu): *Uses slam*

Mewtwo: *Dodges*

Raichu(Pikachu): *Falls* Ow!

Mewtwo: *Charges up for red cannon blast*

Raichu(Pikachu): DOUBLE THUNDER! *Blast Mewtwo*

Mewtwo: *Falls and Faints* (I mind) Wow. He may defeat Darkrai.

Ref: Mewtwo is unable to battle! Raichu(Pikachu) wins!

Minun vs CaterpieEdit

Caterpie: *bug bites Minun*

Minun: *Dodges it and begins to punch Caterpie in the face*

Caterpie: :( *Tackles at full power into Minun*

Minun: OW!! *Uses Earthquake*

Caterpie: ............:( *is hit and barely stands* >:( *string shots Minun with somewhat low HP left*

Minun: I Shall.... NOT LET YOU DEFEAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Does a Metromone and uses String Shot coming out of his head*

Caterpie: ......XD.......*Uses bug bite slowly, but still effectively*

Minun: *Spins Around to unlose the string shot and uses one more Earthquake attack*

Caterpie: *falls to the ground, but barely stands up in time for one last move* ................xD?.......*Uses one final tackle at full force*

Minun: *Dodges* Miss me? *Uses his elbow to smack Caterpie*

Caterpie: >.> *bug bites Minun and then falls to the ground, but is somehow not knocked out yet* (This is a boss Caterpie, who'll probably faint really soon. XD)

Minun: Why YOU! *Kicks Caterpie hard*

Caterpie: D:< *Bites, hanging on to Minun's ear*

Minun: Gaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wait Thunderbolt. THUNDERBOLT *Blast himself and Caterpie*

Caterpie: *about to fall down and faint*

Minun: THUNDERBOLT *Blast Caterpie and himself again*

Raichu: Oh.

Darkrai: Meh.

Caterpie: *walks up to Minun and repeatedly smacks him with his tail* =P *falls to the ground, looking at the sky*

Ref: His he gone?

Caterpie: *shrugs and nods*

Ref: Caterpie is unable to battle! Minun wins!

Pignite vs DarkraiEdit

Darkrai: *Smacks Pignite int the face*

Pignite: *uses heat crash*

Darkrai: *Grabs Heat Crash* Ha! HA! *Uses Purple destruct and hits Pignite*

Pignite: *shakes it off, and uses bulldoze*

Darkrai: *Uses Silent Punch* Want me to go through your body!?!?!?

Pignite: Not on your life!!!! *dodges the punch*

Darkrai: Urrrrrrrhhhhh!! *Uses Giant Bomb on the dirt making smoke the uses silent punch* Hmph.

Raichu(Pikachu): Pignite! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pignite: *collapses to the ground*

(10 seconds later)

Ref: Pignite is unable to......*sees pignite moving...Huh?

Pignite: *slowly but struggling, gets up, an orange glowing flame surrounds him*!

Zweilous: Pignite's Blaze ability!

Raichu(Pikachu): Buddy!

Darkrai: BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Shoots a beam at Raichu(Pikachu)

Raichu(Pikachu): Ahhhh!!!!!

Pignite: NOOOOOOOOO!!! *dives in front of raichu, taking the blow instead*

Ref: Pignite is dead!

Raichu(Pikachu): You bitch! I will kill you!

Ref: Final battle Darkrai vs Pignite

Raichu(Pikachu): Grrrrrr. I will...... avenge you buddy.

Cyndaquil: Brother! NO!

Caterpie: :(

(suddenly, a glow emits around Pignite)

Zweilous: What the....?

Minun: Is that....?

Cyndaquil: Pignite's evolving!!

(the glow fades, and Emboar stood Pignite's place) Leavany: He is Emboar!

Raichu(Pikachu): Lucario, Emboar. Let's fight. You guys too Zweilous, Plusle and Minun!

Raichu: Do your moves! THUNDER!

Raichu(Pikachu): DOUBLE THUNDER!

Riolu: Wait I evolved? *glows and evolves* Oh now I did. Alright, let's go!


Minun: You got it *uses helping hand on all warriors except darkrai*

Emboar: I feel much stronger!

Zweilous: Me too *glows, and evolves into Hydreigon*

(caterpie, cyndaquil, axew all start to glow)

Caterpie: :D *Glows and evolves into Metapod* ............>.>

FINAL BATTLE: All Warriors VS DarkraiEdit

(metapod glows again)

Metapod: =D *Evolves into Butterfree*

Emboar: FOCUS BLAST!!!

Hydreigon: DRAGON PULSE!!!

Quilava: ERUPTION!!

Swellow: AIR SLASH!!

Minun: METRONOME *which turns into hyper beam*

Blaziken: FIRE BLAST!!

Pupitar: STONE EDGE!!

Lucario: AURA SPHERE.......if that's okay........

Butterfree: *writes on a piece of paper: HURRICANE*

(while this link music plays: )

Plusle&Minun: FUSION!! FUSION!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *they become minsle*

Minun(Minusle): You will pay for what you did to Kyurem & Pignite!

Darkrai: Yeah RIGHT BITCHES! I will kill you just like I killed Kyurem! *Begins to punch Minsle*
DragonBall Z- Kai Opening (ENGLISH)

DragonBall Z- Kai Opening (ENGLISH)

Music Plays

Minusle: *dodges & uses its strongest move* ALL TOGETHER EVERYBODY!!

Emboar: you heard him, FOCUS BLAST!!!

Hydreigon: DRAGON PULSE!!!

Quilava: ERUPTION!!

Swellow: AIR SLASH!!

Blaziken: FIRE BLAST!!

Pupitar: STONE EDGE!!

Lucario: AURA SPHERE!!

Butterfree: HURRICANE!!


Minusle: FINAL FLASH!!!!

Raichu(Pikachu): DOUBLE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blood Splatters everywhere*

Darkrai: *Spits out blood* Curse you! CURSE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! EVEN ARCEUS!!!!!!!!!! CURSE RAICHU(PIKACHU AND MINUSLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*DIES*

Raichu(Pikachu): We did it.

( plays)

Ref: The Pokemon Warriors WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quilava: Big Bro we did it!

Emboar: YAY!!

Minusle: *changes back to their old forms*

Lucario: Yes!

Plusle: *high fives Minun*

Arcues: *Comes out of the clouds* Pokemon Warriors thank you. Darkrai will be sent to PokeHell. Bye *Disappers*