Peewee herman would like this
Fun House

Mr Mine: This is where you can have birthday parties!

Sceduled BirthdaysEdit

Mine Jr.: Hello!

Pikachu: I have a birthday on the 7th.

Mine Jr: Okay see you then!

Tepig: *to mime jr* I got this for pikachu *shows mime jr a thunderstone then tepig puts it back in the gift box* hope he likes it

Deino: I got pikachu a TM28 which contains Dig *then puts it back in his gift box*

Fun HouseEdit


Pikachu: Wow! Thanks guys!

Raichu: Let's Party!

  • Party Begins*

Deino: *dances around, then begins to glow*

Tepig: Oh......


Cyndaquil: ......God!

(Deino's head splits into two heads)

Tepig: I think Deino's evolving!

(the glow fades and Zweilous stood Deino's place)

Zweilous: Wait what?

Swalot: It evolved into Zweilous!

Tepig: That's incredible!

(then everyone continues to party, even zweilous)

Swalot: *to pikachu* Hey Pikachu, ever since you were a Pichu, have you had thoughts of evolving into Raichu?

Pikachu: No. But I want to be as strong as my brother.

Swalot: So its possible that you may evolve into raichu soon, maybe?

Mr Mine: Time for PRESENTS!

Raichu: Here.*Gives Pikachu a Captain Pik Action Figure*

Pikachu: I Always wanted this! Thanks Raichu.

Leavany: Awwww! How sweet. *Kisses Raichu* Her Pikachu. *Gives him leaf chothes*

Pikachu: Thanks!

Zweilous: *has a gift that looks like a Cd disc* It not much, so i thought to myself I should teach pikachu to learn a new move for escaping caves the easy way *Pikachu reveals it & its a TM28 Dig*

Tepig: Pikachu can use this move!

Combusken: This is a gift from me & Larvitar! *has a rectangled box, Pikachu opens the box & reveals a Pokemon Egg*

Tepig: *stands on two legs and starts glowing*

Munna: Look at that!

Pikachu: Dang!

Pignite: *evolves* awesome, oh i almost forgot *has a small container which has a thunderstone inside the box* so if you want to evolve, you can think about it!

Pikachu: *Thouches the Thunderstone* *Begins to grow a longer tail and starts growing*

All: *watch in awe*

(Raichu stood Pikachu's place)

Cyndaquil: Wow, it evolved into Raichu!

Mr.Mine: Everyone did you hear?! Mewtoo and Kuyrem joined the Pokemon Warrior League!

Raichu(Pikachu): We will be ready for them because we are the Pokemon Warriors!

Raichu: Yeah!

Cyndaquil: we hear you

Pignite: I'm with you, raichu(pikachu)!

  • Party is over