Originally I was a Deino, but now that I've evolved, my name is now Zweilous

My name is Zweilous, and I too am a warrior

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As a Deino

Name Zweilous
Birth 11/30/1998
Death None
Occupation Pokemon Warrior
Moves Shadow Ball, Fly, Shadow Claw and Double Headbutt
Current Age 14 Years old
Sex Male


Was born in Piya Village. One day when he was 13 he heard about the Pokemon Warrior League. One year later he made a group called the Pokemon Warriors with Pikachu, Tepig and Raichu.

Family and FriendsEdit

Hydreigon- Father

Shiny Hydreigon- Mother

Swellow- Rival/Best Friend

Pikachu- Friend

Raichu- Friend

Tepig- Friend